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LED Driver
LED Neon Flex
Flexible LED Strips

Backlit, aluminum profile and other lighting.Ideal for the residential and commercial use, such as kitchen, bedroom,closet,stair,shops,retails,

offices etc.

Most DC 12V and 24V can slso be used with general light bar/ light strip or advertising light box application.
LED Decorated Lighting Landscape lighting,facade lighting, steps, briges, yards,roads, etc.
LED Signage Lighting best for 6-18 cm depth light box and channel letter.

LED Knowledge

Starting business from 2011, now offer integrated and innovative solutions with a wide range of signage, lighting products.                       

We are engaged in LED light box lighting, advertisement lighting, decorative lighting product development and feasibility study of various lighting solution since founded, adhere to high standards, strict requirement, strive for the design of each our product to reach the international first-class standard, the development and production of each style products are safe, practical, energy saving and perfect performance, we insist provide our customers with more energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency light box lighting and signage lighting source solution.

Our products widely used in airport, subway, high-speed rail, bus station,oil,finance, cars, clothing,food, shopping mall,star hotel, home decoration and toher industries of signage lighting.