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Flexible neon lights

1.LED flexible neon light, pure and soft colors, no glare, no heat, energy saving, long life;
2. It is packaged by the hose, can be bent, cut, can be decorated according to the actual situation of a variety of shapes, easy installation, excellent color effects.
• Internal use of long-life LED light source;
• looks exactly like a regular glass neon tube;
• Long life, low energy consumption, low voltage drive, complete color, high brightness, flexible control, good flexibility of light body;
•Easy to shape, pressure, crack resistance, high and low temperature, flame resistance, super shock aging, corrosion resistance, adapt to a variety of harsh environments, energy saving, cost-effective;
• can be used indoors and outdoors;
• Housing color: white, red, yellow, blue, green, pink, transparent;
• Shell parameters: A. Waterproof; B. Dustproof; C. UV protection;
• Material: PC plastic (polycarbonate);
• Working voltage: 3V-4.5V-5V-12V-24V-110V-220V;
• working environment: -40- +75 degrees Celsius;
• Packaging method: Each LED flexible neon lights are independent environmental packaging;
• Quality Assurance: This product is strictly in accordance with ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system standards into the quality control to ensure that the LED flexible neon quality in line with national standards, fully meet the design requirements.
3. high brightness, the light source is imported ultra-high brightness LED in series, 120LED / m encryption arrangement is the overall luminous effect and high brightness of the fundamental guarantee.
4. longevity and durability: on the basis of LED technology, to be a new structure, making this section of lights in general can reach 45000 hours -60000 hours over the ultra-long life, relative to the glass neon band, the durability of no doubt , Because there is no need to consider the broken glass neon lights (PVC plastic lamp body).
5. energy-saving: flexible body lights with energy-saving more than 80%, the cost of electricity consumption 10W / M (R, Y, O) 4.6W / M (G, B, W).
6. Soft: flexible body with LED lights, it can reach up to 360 degrees bending, and can be cut in any scissors, so to be bent into a variety of text or graphics is very easy to install, very easy to install.

7.LED flexible neon lights, also known as shaped tube, is a new product of our company special research. It has a unique and hazy color, you can feel a hazy atmosphere, make your life more colorful atmosphere.
8.Configuration monochromatic controller: can produce the effect of light flashing slowly, gradually faded, often bright and other effects; Color controller: can be gradient color, color switching, fast and slow chase, Happy Valley, running water, bright dark changes, always bright. The main color changes are monochrome, seven colors and more.
Application areas:
1. Lighting project outdoor lighting buildings, bridges, boats, river barriers, building facades, greening, streets, gardens, steps (commonly used 12V / 24V / 110V / 220V);
2. Neon tube logo, advertising signs, lighting signs, three-dimensional luminous characters, curved light decoration, booths, bridges, overpasses, (commonly used 12V);
3. Interior decoration, embedded floor or ceiling decorative lighting, artificial landscape, sculpture landscaping, the outline of the building (commonly used 220V);
4. Large-scale stage scenery, hotels, KTV, corridors ceiling stage surrounding environment decoration (commonly used 12V / 24V / 110V / 220V).
Name: SMD2835 neon light with 
Lamp beads: SMD2835 
Specifications: 1 m 120 lights 
Single lumens: 22-24lm 
Overall brightness: 1000lm
Voltage: DC constant voltage 3V/4.5V/5V/12V/24V/110V/220V(DC) 
Color: red, yellow, blue, green, white, pink 
Power: 8W / M(PVC),14.4W(silicon ),12W(360° light PVC). 
Specifications: 8mm * 15mm, 6mm * 12mm, 10mm * 20mm, (single panel); 8mm * 18mm, 7mm * 16mm, (Double panel);360° light(Diameter 14mm). 
Plastic material: PVC material,silicon. 
Packing: 50 m / roll.